Air Filter

As clean air is required for smooth and trouble-free driving, air filters are needed to filtrate out the particles like soot and dust which present in the air and wear the piston and cylinder of the engine resulting in lower efficiency of engine with shorter life and higher fuel consumption. The excellent and high quality air filters provided by Veto Auto Components ensure the efficiency of the engine by ensuring the performance data provided by the industry.


All the different type and parts of OEM matched filters are available at Veto Auto Components. Among which Veto Auto Components specializes on:
As internal combustion engine uses a vast quantity of air, the chances of accumulation of mass amount of contamination from the atmosphere are extreme. The air filter protect the combustion engine by

  • ¬†Cylindrical PU filter
  • ¬†Panel type PU Filter
  • Metal end cap filter
  • Plastic Injection Molded



  • Removing abrasive, carbon, aerosols and other components from the atmosphere before mixing in the engine.
  • Saving pistons, rings, cylinder walls from getting damaged from contaminants.
  • Enhancing and increasing the shelf life of the engine by giving a better effect on fuel economical consumption.

The manufacturing process is performed according to ISO authorized quality check and procedure to make sure the outcome is faultless and matches the client’s standards.