Fuel Filter

Because of the presence of heavy contaminants like rust, dust, water, scales, impure particles etc. in fuel, an engine working with petrol or gasoline can't be able to work properly and it can or may loss it's power through which the engine can or may become ineffective to start properly and exhaust valves can get damaged. Though abrasive particle is the most damaging contaminants to injection system of a diesel engine but presence of water and dirt can also be extremely dangerous and disastrous for the diesel fuel injection pump.


  • The high-quality Veto Auto Components filter efficiently able to save the drilled passage of carburetor by protecting the engine fuel through stopping the
    core passage getting blocked or clogged by contaminants.
  • Because of the presence of the filter, the efficacy of metering performance of an engine gets enhanced.
  • As all fuel entering the carburetor first passes through the high-quality filters, the half-life of the engine get increased with an assurance of
    smooth and long engine life.
  • Veto Auto Components provide the most efficacy and high quality filters with an affordable, reasonable and competitive price.
  • The filters just not only filtrate all contaminants to save the engine but also stop the deterioration and corrosion of the tank’s inner surface.
  • With the presence of highly efficient and fine fuel filters, fuel flows under the most complex condition.
  • Veto¬†Auto Components filters improve, enhance and increase the performance of a diesel, petrol or gasoline engine and reduce the toxic emission.